Tuesday, February 8, 2011

And....ACTION (or no action!)


Scene - One

Setting - In the living room after coming home from a day at school where there were no naps and lots of getting in trouble. Fade lights....enter stage right...


Abby: Mommy, what fun things are we going to do this afternoon?

Mommy: Nothing. You are going to sit there without TV, movies or video games because you got in trouble at school.

Abby: But that can be fun.

Mommy: Sitting there on the couch can be fun?

Abby: Yes, I'll show you!


Scene - Two

Setting - Mommy standing over Abby in time out after Abby jumped off the back of the couch using the cushion for her "fun on the couch gymnastics." Fade lights....enter stage left.


Mommy: Do you know why you were in time out?

Abby: Yes.

Mommy: Yes what?

Abby: Yes mam.

Mommy: Why were you in time out?

Abby: Because I had fun on the couch even though you didn't think I could.


Scene - Three

Setting - Abby sitting back on the couch wiping her tears. Mommy in the kitchen already trying to calm the increasing tension and frustration in the house. Fade lights....enter from back stage...


Mommy: Abby, just sit there while I start cooking dinner.

Abby: But that's not fun Mommy.

Mommy: No, no more fun on the couch. Just sit there.

Abby: (In a very quiet, hushed voice.) Well, I'm still gonna gave fun. I'll dream about fun.


Scene - Four

Setting - Living room couch. Fade lights.


Mommy: Son of a gun, she's asleep.

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