Saturday, February 19, 2011

Look Who's Talking Too

Blaire (in blue): We did it! We did it!

Reagan (in green): Yea! Wait, what did we do? I forgot already.

Blaire: We made Mommy get up early on this Saturday morning and play instead of sleep! Woo Hoo!

Reagan: Yea! That's right! I remember I was keeping that a secret from her when we were in her bed last night.

Blaire: Wait. You were in her bed last night?

Reagan: Yeah, this teething thing isn't going so well for me. I got really fussy.

Blaire: Is that what all that noise coming from your crib was about? I thought I was dreaming.

Reagan: Girl, you were sound asleep. I even heard you snoring!

Blaire: Nah, girl, it's not snoring. I'm still a little congested. But at least it isn't as bad as it was yesterday morning.

Reagan: So...what are we going to do today?

Blaire: I don't know. I heard Big Sister is feeling better. Maybe if it's nice weather we can go outside for a little bit. I love watching these golfers in the backyard...maybe we can go say hello to a couple.

Reagan: Yeah. But Mommy will probably make us eat some food first. You know, I love breakfast and I love dinner but those veggies at lunch are gross.

Blaire: I know. That's why I spit them out the other day!

Reagan: Ha ha! Yeah, Mommy didn't find that so funny, did she?

Blaire: I think she's still learning about this whole baby thing.

Reagan: Think we should tell her we think she's crazy?

Blaire: Nah, that part I'm pretty sure she knows.

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