Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Stuck on Bandaids...

Well, it was that time of month again for the twins to get their Synergis shot (their final one - woo hoo!) and it just so happened to coincide with the time for Abby to get her 4 year old shots (technically they are the shots you get at age 5 but Docs prefer you get them at age 4). After having the appointment planned for Friday of this week, Dr. Mac had to make changes in her schedule and needed to rearrange the girls' appointment. This morning we were sitting around the house and got the call to get up and get going to her office since there was an opening for all three to get their check ups and shots. When we first got to the office, we went straight for the digits we wanted to know:

Abby - 42 lbs, 42 inches tall
Reagan - 16 lbs and 10 ounces, 25 inches tall
Blaire - 18 lbs, 24 inches tall

Dr. Mac and Nurse Leigh were so impressed with the way all three girls have grown! Abby was above and beyond the developmental and learning milestones in all areas including social, cognitive and motor skills. Blaire and Reagan are now up to the 40th percentile for their corrected age but exceeding all of their milestones for development. They are right around the developmental curve of a 7 month old. They are already rolling, scooting, eating 3 meals a day, 3 naps per day, and babbling like crazy. Both girls are teething (any day now we are waiting for their bottom teeth to pop thru those gums!) and can sit unassisted for short periods of time (as long as they are leaning forward propping their hands on the ground between their legs). For their weight, length and growth, Dr. Mac and Nurse Leigh were very proud of the girls and their accomplishments! Everyone was all smiles...UNTIL....

...the shots came. After Dr. Mac left the room, Nurse Leigh came back in with the shots and Bandaids ready. If you haven't heard me say it before, I'll say it now - she is awesome. She's the first person that I've ever seen give shots to three girls and get it all done in less than 3 minutes flat. Rock on!!!!! We started with Abby and while I held her arms/hands, Nurse Leigh gave her three shots all in her thighs. She did cry but was soon calming her sobs in the exam room chair sipping on her Capri Sun. Then came Reagan...she got one shot in her thigh and cried for about 30 seconds before turning and laughing in my arms. And last was Blaire. Who didn't even cry as long as Reagan - but she pouted for about the next minute or two. All in all, it wasn't bad - the only thing I can say is that thank goodness it didn't last long because all three of our daughters have VERY healthy lungs!

PS. Wanna know the best part of the entire day? Since I was by myself with the girls, I really turned to Abby for a lot of help...and she was awesome! When we left the exam room, we headed up to the front desk to pay. At each of Abby's "Well check up" appointments, she gets a book from Dr. Mac. When we got to the front desk, Abby pulled her book out of the diaper bag and said "Mommy, you can pay the money while I read to my baby sisters." And a few minutes later, while I was taking care of all three bills, I turned and saw the sweetest sight beside me:

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