Monday, February 14, 2011

Love is...

"Love is never stuffed up, never puffed up,

Never gives up when the goings rough

It’s the biggest little word you can say, by the way

Its sympathy, sincerity, its charity, the main variety

Of everything happiness is made of."

What a wonderful day of love we had around was a great Valentine's Day! After school was out for the day, the four of us Wade women headed over to the local park where we met up with some friends and enjoyed a gorgeous day out in the sunshine. Ducks were fed, playgrounds were played on, swings were swung on, and although Abby was very excited to share with the twins first visit to the park, in true baby fashion, they slept thru almost all of it! Ha ha!

When we got home we were treated to a yummy grilled steak dinner with baked potatoes and salad as well. Scrumpdidliumpcious! And then we opened up tons of Valentine's Day gifts! We spent the rest of the night enjoying each other's company before it was time to say goodnight! We hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day...Happy hearts to all!

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