Friday, February 4, 2011

Pictures, Presents and Posing

Q: What makes a Mommy's heart smile?
A: The smiles of her children...especially when you are paying for those smiles to be captured!!!

This morning we headed to one of our fav photog studios (in the pouring down rain I might add!) for Abby's annual picture. And it was just adorable! In true Abby fashion, when I said "stand, sit or something for the picture so we can get a really cute one!" she went right to her tummy and said "I don't want to stand or sit but I'll get on my tummy!" And it was one cute pic to be honest! After her 4 year old shot, the twins got in on the action and not only did we get some good single shots of them, but the photographer managed to get all three girls at the same time - not only all looking at the camera but also all SMILING! The pictures won't be in for a couple of weeks but we were pleased with the proofs so stay tuned for the final product to be revealed on the blog...

After a morning that felt like a full day, we were all exhausted and came home to rest. But rest is apparently for the weary so we were up within minutes starting to work on some Valentine's Day crafts. And speaking of Valentine's Day, we are on the countdown. Abby's really into this year since she's putting two and two together - colors (red), shapes (hearts), and presents! Ha ha! She came across a large bag of presents my parents left here for us to open on the big day and she came up with a plan to open a few early. She worked so hard on what the plan was that I actually said it was OK! We opened the presents that were clothes so she and the girls could wear their heart attire for the days leading up to Valentine's Day. All three girls got cute outfits and sent their thank yous to Gramercy and Papa Doc.

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