Saturday, February 5, 2011

February showers bring March flowers

Today was a day of bridal showers for Aaron (Eric's brother) and Jenifer (Aaron's fiance). Although their wedding isn't until March, the parties were in full force today - in fact, two in one day! After a ladies shower with friends from the church, there was a couple's shower that night which we attended. The wedding party (including Eric) threw the shower for the couple and it was full of some great laughs, fellowship, food and a lot of great presents the couple got...and not a minute too soon - less than 4 weeks until the big I-DO date!

And we weren't the only two in the family to have had a great night! Since kiddos weren't allowed at the evening's shower, they enjoyed what can only be described as "exactly what they wanted!" Jess (their babysitter) came over to the house and with the help of her mom (Renee) and boyfriend (Branden), all three girls had a great night (parent free) and ended up getting dinner, bottles, baths and bedtime...exactly what a parent loves to come home to! Thanks guys!

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