Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Finally four!!!

Happy Birthday to Abby,
Happy Birthday to Abby,

Happy Birthday we love you,

Happy Birthday to Abby!!!!

Today, our Abby turned four years old. It's been a bittersweet birthday for me because when I watched her walk around the house this week I kept thinking "She's not my baby girl anymore." I am so very proud of the young lady that Abby has developed into. She is smart, has a wonderfully fun personality, is at times very sensitive but is always our loving Punkin'. My favorite moments of the day are when she jumps into my arms, kisses me and says that she's had a great day. And this was one of those days. She went out of her way to tell us that she was so happy...and that she had a wonderful birthday. We are thankful that "I am finally four!" was what she decided today - seeing as how there have been too many "practice" birthdays with family, friends and school! Ha! When she turned four today, she did so in style - with lots of friends around her for a cupcake and presents play date as well as great family dinner with the five of us all around the family dinner table. Thank you to everyone that helped our precious four year old celebrate this year in style...

Happy Birthday, Abby!
We love you!

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