Saturday, December 11, 2010

Aged to perfection

"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years."
Abraham Lincoln

Today was the day...the big day...the day that one of us looks forward to for the past 364 days...ever since last year's December 11th when she's already looking forward to the next year's December 11th! BARBARA'S BIRTHDAY!!!!! Yep, happy happy happy birthday! And what a great day it was! The morning started with lots of *early* morning loving from my three favorite girls. Then, when getting ready for the day, Eric and Abby went to get the birthday breakfast from McDonalds. And by 9 AM, we were on the our church's children's Christmas party. And as much as the kiddos were having fun with their reindeer games, crafts and scavenger hunt, they took the time out to sing Happy Birthday to me and join me in a yummy birthday cake surprise from Aunt Julia and Uncle Lomax. After the party ended, we all headed back home for much needed naps. The girls slept soundly for a couple of hours while I ended up enjoying my afternoon reading all of my birthday emails, Facebook messages and comments, cards, letters and also listening to my phone messages as well as getting some phone calls. It was the perfect afternoon which ended when we all got dressed up for a birthday dinner and celebration. We headed out to one of my favorite restaurants and I was treated like royalty...or at least like the people all around us in formals and princess attire (including Abby who happened to fit right in since she was wearing her Snow White princess dress). After the restaurant staff sang Happy Birthday (including singing and drums!), we headed back home for a great evening including sleep for the twins but for the rest of us - cupcakes, coffee and presents! It was a great night!!!! Thanks to everyone that remembered the day and helped me celebrate in some form or fashion!

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