Monday, December 6, 2010

Grow little grow worm

Before Eric even took Abby to school this morning, Barbara and the twins were headed off to the Doctor's office for their monthly Synergist shot. Since last month's 6 month check up was a few days before the girls officially turned 6 months, they weren't able to get their 6 months that was on today's agenda as well. Because the waiting room was jammed packed with sick kiddos, our favorite doc's office let us go back right away into our exam room. Our fav nurse, Leigh, came in ASAP and we got the exam started. The girls passed the check up to see if they were OK for their big shot...and the "torture" got underway - ha! Just kidding...the girls really tolerate shots well. They cry (of course) but it only lasts a few minutes. Within 3 minutes of the shots being given, both got lots of loving, and were sound asleep in their car seats. No kidding - 3 minutes. We timed it - ha! And although it was only an appointment for shots, they still get are the latest numbers on our growing girls:
Reagan - 13 pounds, 10 ounces
Blaire - 14 pounds, 9.5 ounces

When Dr. Mac came in to give the girls a once over before their shots, we mentioned they were a bit congested in the mornings. She gave us a prescription to get them started on so in case it is something, it doesn't turn into something major. Seems the cold weather is getting to the girls...but clearly isn't stopping their growing spurts! Grow on girls, grow on!

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