Saturday, December 4, 2010

Whirling around like the winter wind

Boy oh boy are we exhausted around here! Today was a wonderfully jam packed day full of absolute fun and craziness! After a whirlwind morning at the house, we all got dressed up and headed out to our church for the Children's Choir Christmas party. All of the kiddos and their choir leaders were there for fun, pizza, pictures and a little bit of singing (of course!). The kiddos are practicing for their big performance - "The Signs of Christmas" - which will be performed on December 12th during one of our church worship services. Although Abby's so confused about all the songs she is singing (school Thanksgiving program, school Christmas program, church Christmas program) she's doing fairly well with the words when we practice them in the car. By far, her favorite song on the program is Deck the Halls...and I wish you could hear the words she sings...usually not the right ones but it is priceless to hear! Anyhoo...after the party, the kiddos choir was heading up to the Nursing Home to perform for them...but we headed in a different direction and went to the Bryant home to celebrate cousin Khloe's 2nd birthday! It was awesome!! The kiddos played, ran around outside, drove the Barbie Jeep and even sat still for some Sponge Bob birthday cake! Happy Birthday, Khloe! We love you!!!! After the party, we rushed home because it was Daddy's big date night. While Barbara and the youth headed off to the Third Day concert, Eric stayed at home with his girls having a pizza party! It truly was a day where everything went by so fast...but it was all sooo much fun!

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