Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Working hard or hardly working?

When we woke up this morning, we realized lots of things needed to be done before Christmas, and, well, Mommy just can't be everywhere all of the time...so, we called in some reinforcements! Jess came to hang out with our crew while lots of last minute things got done around our house. And, we even got to help our neighbors out by having one of our favorite little friends, Ella Rose, come visit with us that morning! It was a great day where everyone had fun!

PS - Spoiler alert for kiddos so stop reading out loud now if you've got children in the room....Here's the deal...Jess was playing and watch the kiddos while I was locked in my bathroom wrapping presents. In our house, all presents are wrapped - even those from Santa. I had a little heart attack when I realized that there were TONS of presents to wrap and I only had a couple of hours. Yikes! But that wasn't the real deal scariest moment of the day! After all three girls went to their beds for their afternoon naps, I headed into the bedroom to tackle Abby's big gift from Santa - a bike. Jess stuck around that thank goodness she did! After 5 minutes of "What does that mean?" "What's a front fork?" "What in the world is a sproket?" "Where is that piece?" "Where are the directions?" I almost gave up! The first line of the instruction paper said "Assembles in 15 minutes." Yeah, sure, right. Ha! Jess got in touch with her boyfriend, Branden, and he was over here within minutes and sure enough...15 mins later, the bike was assembled!!!! A BIG shout out to those two for their help today! Thanks guys, love yall!

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