Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day

The day began with Blaire and Reagan awake around 5:30 AM. After a morning bottle and diaper change, they were content to hang out in the upstairs den waiting for their Big Sister to wake up....which wasn't too long! Before 7 AM, we were all downstairs, in our Christmas PJs, opening up gifts and stockings! Blaire and Reagan hung out for the first few gifts and then headed on up to their cribs for a morning nap. Which left Abby downstairs opening up all the gifts herself - even though the two phrases we heard most were "I'll open theirs later, I'm looking for the ones that say A-B-B-Y." and "I don't see my bike anywhere. Maybe this box is my bike." Most of you know that Abby asked Santa Claus for a big kiddo bike this year. She had a specific Barbie bike she wanted and made a point to even tell Santa exactly what kind in her letter she wrote about a month ago. Although she loved her presents, she was a bit sad that there was no bike under the tree...until she saw something Santa left IN the tree - a scavenger hunt. A couple of clues later, she found her bike hidden in the broom closest! After our traditional waffle breakfast, she and Daddy headed outside to practice bike riding while Mommy cleaned up. Then after lots of playing with all of her new toys (her all time favs included her bike, computer, video game Leapster, and Pillow Pet), it was time for our Christmas BLT lunch and then nap time! Whew - we were all exhausted! Then before we knew it, it was time for company...we invited Eric's parents, brother and his brother's fiance over to our house for Christmas dinner - fondue style! We had chicken and steak fondue, cheese fondue and our yummy chocolate fountain for dessert. After everyone ate, hung out and left, it was time for a few more Christmas night snuggles before bed was a wonderful Christmas day and once again, we realized that we are definitely blessed - to the 5th degree!!!!

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