Monday, December 13, 2010

Signs of Christmas

Last night the Children's Choir of Providence Baptist Church put on their annual Christmas performance. This year's play, "The Signs of Christmas," was a great reminder that while the signs of Christmas are everywhere, the important thing we must do for our children at this time is to make sure that all these signs point to Jesus. Jesus, who came to earth a baby in a manger, to Christ who died for us on the cross. And as wonderful as the performance was, the only signs we seemed to notice were the signs of one very unruly toddler doing everything BUT the peformance. Abby managed to sit through an hour of practice, stand for the opening song and then from there on out - for the next 15 minutes - it was, well, embarrassing. While everyone in the congregation seemed to think it was cute, there were two people that didn't find it too funny. But, all in all the children's choir did a great performance and we were proud to be members of a church that has had a wonderful year in both worship and fellowship - for all ages.

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