Monday, December 20, 2010

Zat you Santa Claus?

Ever since 2007, we've taken Abby to the local mall's Santa's Workshop for a picture with the Big Guy's Helper. I don't think in the last 3 years, there's been one good picture...she couldn't stand going there. We try not to use the word "hate" in our house, but she hated it. She'd cry, get upset, and even last year that she'd never do that again because it made her sad. It was awful hearing this year I had a plan. The thing was, she was terrified on meeting Santa. She would talk the talk all about him, but when she saw him she froze up. This year, we told her that it was only Santa's Helper - not the real Santa - because Santa needed help this time of year. Apparently it worked! We headed out to the mall this afternoon (after a morning of learning how to make Divinity...yum!) with all three girls in their Santa dresses. After waiting in line about 15 minutes, it was our turn. I am still in shock that not only did Abby go up there, she talked to Santa, sat next to him, the babies stopped crying and everyone looked at the camera. Shock, complete shock!! I love love love this year's picture! Merry Christmas from the Wade girls!

P.S. Here are a couple of pics from this morning - where we went to Carolyn's house to learn how to make divinity. We all had a great time...even Jackie!

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