Thursday, December 16, 2010

Rockin' around the Christmas tree

Ever had one of those days where you think it's going to be complete drama and then everything seems to just perfectly fall into place? After Eric left for work this morning, and Abby headed to school, I had to get ready to head to my office for some client meetings. With almost everyone enjoying holiday luncheons today, the twins were going to have to sit at my office with me - until I found out that Jess (an all A student I might add - ha!) didn't have to go to school today and was able to sit with the twins! After getting several good hours of work under my belt, I picked up Reagan and Blaire and headed over to Abby's school where it was time for her class Christmas party. Abby is in her 4th year at Enterprise First United Methodist Church Stepping Stones and Preschool. Her favorite teachers, Ms. Stephanie and Ms. Jennifer, planned a great party and she had a ball with her friends, including Emma Riley, Libby, Nick, Arrabella, Sylvia and a few more! There was a yummy pizza lunch, Christmas cookies, crafts, games and presents! It was a fun day for all the kiddos...including Blaire and Reagan who go to watch a bunch of crazy three year olds celebrate one of their favorite parties of the season!

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