Thursday, December 30, 2010

A good walk spoiled

This morning everyone woke up in the house feeling better than we had in days! Eric was off work and decided that instead of spending the day at the office, he was going to spend it on the golf course...with Abby!!!! She was extremely excited to hear that she was going to get to play golf and walked around the house practicing for about an hour before she headed out. Eric and Papa (a.k.a. Will, a.k.a. Eric's dad) played 9 holes then swung by the house on the golf cart to pick up Abby. She took her golf clubs, all three, out to the course...but only came home with two. Yep, she lost her putter! I guess some players lose golf balls...leave it up to our daughter to lose the entire club. Ha! But a great time was had by all and Abby is already waiting for the next time to play!

P.S. On a side note, the day didn't end so well for Eric - he's sick. He caught the head cold that has been going around the house and is now hanging out in the guest room - away from all kiddos and babies - and hopefully will knock this out of his system before the New Year gets into full swing.

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